We believe in creating a community of learners where all members are valued and appreciated. This is accomplished by consistent, positive nurturing of children through establishing close relationships among children, staff and families. We design a balance of adult and child-guided experiences where children are engaged in hands-on, interactive exploration and discovery. Children are provided with a rich variety of materials embedded in blocks of time with which to explore. Covenant Preschool is a faith based school in the Christian tradition. Our curriculum emphasizes kindness, sharing, generosity, honesty, love, care for our earth and its inhabitants, as well as other values practiced and preached by Jesus. We begin each snack time with a prayer, thanking God for our food, our teachers, our friends and our families. Holidays are special times. At Christmas time, we share the story of the birth of Jesus. Children act out the story in their classroom. At Easter, we visit the Sanctuary and learn about the Easter symbols.