I’ve gone to church most of my life. I stopped attending church during my college years. People go to church for many reasons (and stay away from church for as many), but when I got married and had children, I knew I needed to be connected to a group of people who focused on living the values of a Christian faith.

At Covenant, we have some who are very old and some who are very young and some of us are in the middle. We accept all people no matter where they are on the spiritual spectrum.  Some folks here have made this their church home for over 60 years, others have been with us for under a year, and some folks come and go as they have need.

Our values are to be like Jesus and demonstrate love, mercy, acceptance, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, kindness and joy. We strive to be a good neighbor to the community and we seek to help heal the hurts of our city.

Many people are searching for a place to hear a message that will help them get through the week, or give them the courage to repair a relationship, or motivate them to serve others. We hope this church is such a place for you. Come and be among us!

Blessings to you and those you hold dear,

Pastor Sue Fisher